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Baby Sunshine, post: 50753, member: 14765 wrote:
Hello forum people!

Little newbie here (me) needs a little help in starting a company.

I have in my hands… Form 201.

They need the state/territory of registration. I live in Queensland and the everything will be done from home. Putting down Queensland in this column would work right?

Company name. I have searched through IP Australia’s database and there is no similiar registered trademark nor there is a company name similiar to mine.
Shouldn’t have any issues here i hope.

Now further in this part is where I am having a little problem. Under type of company, I would select Propreitary Company. What about Class of Company??
Could anybody give some advice on this?

Then, there is ‘registered office’. I will be conducting it mostly from my rented home. Can I use my residential addresss? The second part of it requires an answer to the question, “Does the company occupy the premises?”. Well I live here and will use my little bedroom as an office. So the answer to it is yes?

3. Appointing an officeholder
I will be pretty much the only person to run it. So i guess i’m the Director right?

4. Ultimate Holding Company??

5. Ok I need a lot of help in this.

6. Members??

Thank you very very very much in advance for your advice and help.

Company registration in Australia can be done these days without paying expensive lawyers for advise, for information that you can find easily online or by asking service professionals. I trust you’ve set up your company now so all the best for your new venture.