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It sounds like you have set up a Pty Ltd company…?

You can actually call up the tax office and get them to send someone around to your home or office and take you through everything you need to do, even review it if necessary.

However, that said, I still don’t feel comfortable doing the returns and financial statements for my company. The company tax return is 8 pages of just numeric fields with labels in obscure financial language, and the instructions for filling it out is over 100 pages long. Unlike BAS, the ATO do not make it easy to lodge the end of year requirements for a company without a tax agent. I get professional help to do the end of year and I do the bookkeeping, BAS and everything else myself.

As long as your company is earning money, it should be well worth paying an accountant to do it.

Another factor: as far as I know the reporting for companies is due shortly if you lodge it yourself. If you use a tax agent, you have much more generous deadlines for getting your documentation in.