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Hi Aaron,

Radio advertising can be effective if you get your message right and have a specific marketing objective for the medium. It can also be a money pit (like any paid advertising) if the campaign is not executed correctly and you don’t measure your results.

For my money, “Brand Awareness” isn’t specific enough as an objective. Mainly because you will not be able to measure it and because it will naturally occur when you advertise your business. I think you are better of using it to generate leads to your website and foot traffic to your shopfront. You need to make sure you measure both of these to determine if the campaign is working. Determine a value per lead generated and compare this against the cost of the campaign. If you are not making around 3 times more than you are spending then it’s not working.

You also mentioned some other mediums you have used. The issue isn’t the medium but nearly always the execution. If you haven’t got your message right and the medium doesn’t reach your target market, then it’s never going to work.

Short answer is, radio can work if you get your message right and hit your target market with your advertising.

My 2 cents…