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Thank you so much for all your excellent advice, you’ve been a great help.

ALTIMA: yes I think you’re right in that my site ends up with the ‘wrong visitors’ sometimes. There have been a number of visitors land who are looking for ‘baby jewellery’. At the moment it’s not something we sell (altho definitely looking into it) however both are heavy keywords in my SEO related to other products. Oh and I just saw your post about usability testing, thank you! I will check out the link…

NAWOR: Good point. The six categories with images were actually right at the top until just recently – I changed them around just to see if it made any difference (it hasn’t), so I’ve now moved them back to the top again. I hear what you are saying about lots of text, but if I cut it right down, wouldn’t my SEO suffer? I’m scared to play with it as I seem to be doing pretty well with google at the moment.

MIKEMAN: A site facelift by and experienced e-commerce designer would be great if I had the budget! But alas, I have only recently paid a professional for a new logo and banner… so I will have to work with what I’ve got for the immediate future. If you don’t mind, please would it be possible for you to elaborate on a couple of your points?
ie: I honestly don’t know *how* to say what I am selling clearly and concisely because I have such a wide range of different products. How do you sum that up into one line besides the header text I have already under my logo? And also, your cart button comment surprised me, I never gave that a second thought! What exactly should an UN-dodgy cart button look like??