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Hi Tina,
I don’t think i’ve met you on the forums before, so.. hi!

One of my businesses (The Blog Designer) is about to launch some new services for people who are a bit confused or looking to get more out of blogging. It’s funny, today we were actually talking about offering it to some bloggers for free for feedback.

Basically they are two services:
– analyse your whole blogging strategy, look out for ways to improve your blog, cross-promote your blog, match it with your overall business goals
– proofread, optimise for Search Engine’s & apply the principles of successful blogging to your posts prior to release

If you like I’d be happy to have our blog team work with you on that. All that we would ask is for a little feedback as we go.

We can also help you to change your blog over to your .com.au address if you like?

Anyway, if you are interested, shoot me an email or you will find our phone number on our website :)