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I think this could be overcome by the gift of the gab and a little stratedgy.
As someone else suggested, write a list and work our your priorities to actually function. Advertise your self and as soon as you get interest – refine your list of priorities against what you will actually need to service this client. If your lucky, you may not need anything (Eg spreadsheet work).

If your unlucky and you need to fork out for MYOB licenses etc. this is where the Gift of the Gab comes in. Do whatever it takes to get the cash in to cover it.
Some suggestions:
– delaying clients until you have 3 or 4 on the go and have them all agree to pay you upfront (maybe 3 months in advance?).
– be honest and explain that your a startup, and you need their payment to get setup and that your prepared to work for an extra 3 hours a month for 6 months if they will pay you upfront.

Some clever balancing means you can do it all at once. Of course there is risk here if you cannot deliver, you will have angry customers. Maybe some family can spot you some cash. I dare say even a credit card for a few k?