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DavidThomas, post: 50960 wrote:
Hi Steve,

Sounds like you have got the hang of it already. Patience is the only thing you didn’t mention. It can take months and months for your hard work writing content etc to be appreciated by google.

As a bench mark, track your progress in Yahoo & Bing. They tend to reflect updates regularly.

Also setup your google webmasters account, add your site and take a look at all the tools available in their.

Mention the phrase “perth builders” etc in URLs, titles, meta tags and content.
Most importantly, get links with the anchor text as perth builders. (signature in forums is a great place to start).

Keep up the good work, and congrats on the 1st place in google.

Thanks David – i changed all the tags and titles on my web pages tonight including changing my signature on a number of forums. Cheers!