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marketingweb, post: 50973 wrote:
Following that, you need a LOT more quality incoming links to improve your ranking for more difficult keywords. DavidThomas’s advice is exactly correct – it’s important that you get links with keyword text as the anchor, and forum signatures are definitely a good way as one part of your link building strategy. For example in Yahoo site explorer it shows you have 163 incoming links to your website, but 154 of these come from either somersoft.com or homeone.com.au. These links are good, but you need far more variety and quantity of links to rank for tough keywords.

Thanks for the advice Matt. At the moment my marketing budget is spent for the next 6 months so i’m doing all my own SEO stuff.

I read though that getting an SEO company to list my site with 100’s of others isn’t neccessarily going to improve my ranking as Google modified their formula to lessen the validity of those types of web sites. Not sure how true this is, though i still know i need to have listings in valid web sites which i’m working towards getting.

Some of the fees i’ve had presented though are ridiculous. I had one home building site ask me to sign up and pay $175 p/month for a listing on their site in some obscure location. I just thought it was a waste of money.