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tr3nton, post: 51006 wrote:
Hell, CD’s are becoming kind of redundant with technology these days

Not necessarily, people with old vehicles may not have updated their in-car audio systems. example mine is a 2000 model toyota with a cd / tape deck combo. cd player isnt new enough to play mp3’s, unit doesnt have the aux component you talk about either.

I am unaware if this is because they don’t know about music downloads, they dont want to waste their bandwidth

– both these options are possible.
– then theres the ones that dont trust technology in the first place.
– what about when the hard drive fails? (im talking catastrophic here)
– what about if the ipod becomes damaged and/or unrepairable.
– what if the thumb drive breaks or wears out its read/write usage?
– what about those of us who use the original cd’s as the back-up copies (left at home), ie burn a copy of them, so as to use the copy in the car instead of the originals to save the originals from warping , being scratched in the car.
– what about the people that like the idea of having the words to the music as they listen to the songs (i know not available on all cd’s).

its just a spare of the moment thing – ‘Oh, I like this one, i’ll just get it here – it’s cheap enough’
Im one of those type of people.

Of course you would have to have some sort of authorisation in place, otherwise staff could also copy the music onto their own devices.. anyway its just an idea, and one im surprised music stores haven’t jumped on to… or have they?

to give an example “bigpond music” does have some securities in place, to attempt to stop multiple copies being made or transfered to other computers.

hope this helps :)