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Hi Jen,

I absolutely love your site and I think it is really well done.

I can’t see any major problems at first glance just a couple minor ones.

The title tags of some of your internal pages are a bit long, but this is a minor point and could be argued as not actually being a problem (long titles get cut off in Google which looks messy, but Google does actually read more of the title than it displays).

Also with so much down the right hand side, most of your internal product pages end up with a huge amount of white space on them. Working out a way to reduce this would make the site look neater.

Other than that, you don’t really make it clear that you are Australian based – you don’t have a .com.au address, and my first impression would be an American site who “also ships to Australia”. Not sure if you are targeting Australia or International, but either way I would make it clearer you are Aussie OR make it really obvious where you ship to. This information may be there, but it didn’t jump out at me.

From an SEO point of view you have a a good amount of text on your homepage, keywords in title tags etc, and a reasonable amount of incoming links. Doing a check in Google I see for “baby jewels” you come up #1, but I couldn’t find you in the first few pages for “baby jewellery” which would be likely more searched for (unless I missed it). So there is probably some SEO work that needs doing, but isn’t just a matter of fixing something obvious (you have the obvious stuff all correct), and would needs some in depth analysis beyond a forum post to determine the best strategies going forward.

Hope this helps.