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Jen Wells
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King, post: 51159 wrote:
Well done!!

Just a tip – I hope you do this anyway, but make regular backups of data (and even programs. There are several good programs out there including Acronis, which can save your business!!

On software for your business, are you planning on using an off-the-shelf(even if tweaked) or custom made? Think about the pro’s and cons of each – the con on the second is what happens if the developer gets hit by a buss. Justa thought.

I think you will be fine with a stranger. It is a psychological hurdle, but one worth jumping over!!

I wish I’d had your advice a year ago! We signed with two comp[anies to design our programmes and both failed. I’ve since found companies that have already designed the software and you can pay per use. We’re in the midst of personalising it now. I haven’t heard of the programme you mentioned, but I have a Maxtor thingy (technical term!) that backs everything up weekly for me. I learnt that the hard way too!