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SW123, post: 0 wrote:
lets agree to disagree but you are right in one thing if you are not on P1 then the only option is SEO – and thats the bottom line – the Yellow pages is dead and buried so what else does one have????

I don’t understand what you mean by this?

Adwords is driven by competition. If you cannot afford to get to page 1 on adwords you are being outdone by your competitors. If you are using it ‘correctly’ and it’s not working then your business model is wrong, or you have a poor website not geared to convert when your competitor does.

IMO, it is pertinent to model your business on your advertising medium. You will fail trying to run a traditional business the same way on the Internet. It is wrong to blame the advertising medium for failure.

The best place to look is at highly competitive areas and you will see how stark the differences are. Everything about the business is different.

The thing is competition. If you are after profit you have to go where the competition aren’t (no one to undercut you there). The best place for that may not be not the Internet :) On the Internet you are competing with 25 million people+ most of em really really keen to undercut you…