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sixx, post: 51436 wrote:
No you are correct, I guess I could of constructed my question a bit better.

I guess it just struck me as odd the point of this thread is to extract the single little thing web designers have to cling to that defines them from their business competitors. I would of thought some things could be held close to the chest.

Rubbing my hands together nonetheless, waiting for that golden ‘conversion’ egg. :)

lol, I think the thing is that web design/dev is a retarded industry for those with masochistic tendencies. Really letting loose with all of ones wisdom is horribly sadistic. It’s the least one can do to help other poor fools join the party. There’s seriously every sensible reason to do something else for a career.

no just joking :)…IMO there is no golden conversion egg…..if anyone wants to make money in this industry there is only one way….Hard work…you need knowledge and skill and there is only one way to get that…all the info is a Google away anyway.