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Hi Barb,

I’ve been a small business website designer for the last 14 years and I’ve recently moved away from the technical aspects into coaching and consulting to help small business owners get the most out of their website.

I have to say that your website ticks all of the boxes! Congratulations! i think it’s a simple and effective design, contains all the required information that establishes your credibility AND evokes a feeling of “I want the Angels to handle my paperwork!” Also since you’ve built it on wordpress and used the right keywords – it’s search engine friendly!

The only suggestion I’d make is to putting your photo or a quick Youtube video up of your services so that people connect with you as a real person. These days people look for real people to do business with and in your business especially, it’s all about connecting with strangers and establishing trust to let you handle their business information, so a photo and a bit of a spiel on why you started Admin Angels could go a long way to creating that bond.

Other than that, very excellent website. Congrats again!

Good luck with your business!

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