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coffeegal, post: 51346 wrote:
But are the services I plan on offering enough? I feel because I cant offer the complete package (especially graphic design and more advanced/complicated web setups) that I should forget about it. People just assume you can whip them up a logo etc. or do the type of site they want but that isn’t always the case, I have to work within my skill and experience. I know you can outsource but I dont have contacts and I’m reluctant to put my clients expectations in the hands of people online who I’ve never met or dealt with before, not to mention the worry of working out agreements and financials. I really dont want to be a middle man for that kind of thing.

Hi CoffeeGal,

Keep positive and optimistic because if you truly want to achieve something and you possess the right mind-set you can achieve anything.

In saying that, I will give you an example in regards to a friend that was in a similar predicament…

I have a friend in the automotive service industry that was very good at his profession. The only problem was that he never kept up with the technology advancements within the automotive service industry which eventually put him out of business. Although we advised him to keep up with advancements he was quite stubborn and he paid the price for it by losing customers to his competitors who kept up with the changes in technology.

So, if you truly want to succeed in business you either have to keep up with technology or possess excellent networking skills to outsource some of the workload that you are not very familiar with.

Keep positive though…