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John Debrincat
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Hey Everyone,

Ive just posted an article which might be useful for some of you or alternatively you could provide additional tips which I might have overlooked.

John’s Top 7 Tips

If you’ve got some ideas I’d be happy to hear them.

Often I have these ideas’s while I’m onsite working, then when I get time to write a post I forget most of it!
Hi John,

They are in general good basic tips and well done for writing them down. Regardless of what many people think it is generally the simple stuff that brings your business undone.

I do have to take you to task on Tip 5. There is absolutely nothing wrong with proprietary systems. If fact without them we would not be where we are today with IT as corporations would not invest in R&D if they could not protect the outcome. Take for example MYOB! The opposite can often be the case and that is where open source software has been used that is not supported and not updated and contains lots of vulnerabilities . The worse type of solution is one that is not maintained or maintained badly. Free open source software is vary rarely really free and very often will cost far more and be more “locked-in” than any licenced product.

The even worse case scenario is some bespoke developed solution that is prone to failure and the developer is no where to be found.