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KarenC, post: 51525 wrote:
….Would that work?

Hmm, not really.
The problem is that much of the steps in building a class, even though content may different, can be undertaken as one step.

80% of the first six classes will draw from the same pool of content
80% of the next three will draw from a different pool of content
10% of the next three will draw from the above pools of content with the remainder coming from three unique pools of content

(these classes are for digital camera owners from beginner to Enthusiast)

As an example, there will be information about resolution and quality.
9 classes will use the sample images created to illustrate the point
5 Classes will use the same wording (All Brand, Panasonic etc)
1 Class will use simplified wording (Intro to…)
2-3 classes will add a couple of more complex points (Nikon, Canon, Advanced)