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The Copy Chick, post: 52438 wrote:
I believe I’m installing it to a root directory – at least that’s what the instructions I was following suggest.

Hi Copychick,

The root directory of your server is NOT the same as the “Document Root” of your server. That may sound weird but bare with me:

On your server there will be in the root directory a number of folders (when you ftp onto it). One of these will be called either public_html or www, or your may have both. If you have both, they both point at the same data and it doesn’t matter which you use. This is where all your website files go into. And if someone goes to http://www.thecopychick.com.au for example, the files they are seeing are whatever is stored in this directly – not the actual root of your server.

I also cannot strongly enough recommend that you change the way you are trying to install WordPress.
WordPress is based on both files and a database, and can be a bit annoying for a beginner to install by hand, particularly the database creation bit.

By far the best way to install it is exactly as others have suggested: Presuming your host uses CPanel, there should down near the bottom under “Software/Services” be a section called “Fantastico De Luxe”. This system has a list of programs it can install almost automatically for you.

If you don’t see Fantastico listed, you may instead see one called “Installatron Applications Installer”, which is less common but basically does the same thing, it’s just the competitor that some hosts use instead.

If your host doesn’t have either of these options available or maybe some other choice I don’t know about that achieves the same type of tasks, I’d be surprised. And if they didn’t it would have to be a pretty low end budget host to exclude such basic stuff.

Doing it through either of these programs or similar will completely negate the need to upload anything at all via FTP. Failing that, I would strongly suggest taking up IT Advocate on his very generous offer to install it for you. All you have to do is create a separate FTP account for him (so you don’t have to give him your main password), and then delete when he is finished, as he suggested.