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Well since we’re all throwing our good names in I’d like to add myself into the list!

I do everything from basic budget start up sites to more intricate eCommerce solutions and client managed sites. SEO is all integrated as part of our packages and if you’d like to get more of an idea of who we are and what we do then by all means click through to us at http://www.altaimage.com.au

One piece of advise though rather than just push an advert for my design company here is to make sure you’re prepped for building a site. Figure out exactly what it is you need from your site before you get any quotes in and make sure that the quotes you get are guaranteed and allow for possible small changes, otherwise you could find that any initial quote you get could soon escalate with any minor changes as the site builds. So in short – make sure when you assign a developer/designer that they allow for revisions in their quote. Other than that the better an more cemented your vision of your site generally the quicker, better and more accurate the build will be. We’re all here on the forums to help though so even if you don’t choose any of us to help build and maintain your sites feel free to jump back in and start firing away as your site builds.

All the best