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Hi Vanessa

I found that the best way to make it happen was just to make it happen! If you ask everyone when, how, who, etc, it takes a whole lot more effort to coordinate. But if you decide on a date, time and venue, those who can make it will come and those who can’t won’t but might tell you when would be more appropriate for them next time. Some people prefer nights, others prefer days. It’s not possible to accommodate everyone but it is possible to nail down a date and time if you set it and everyone tries to accommodate that.

I always say that even if one person turns up, then it goes ahead. It wouldn’t be fair of me to cancel when that one person has committed to attending. So the fact that you said “even if there are only 5 of us” is brilliant :).

These kinds of things grow, the same as for newsletter databases and client bases. It has to start somewhere, and you’re doing a great job by establishing it :).

Good luck!!