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If you decide not to use a broke on a shuipment more than AUS$1000 you can lodge the Import Declaration (N10) Post form yourself and your supplier. You will have to provide ID details, fill out a credit card payment authorisiation and register as a client in the integrated cargo system.
There will be a customs entry processing fee of 48.85 plus any demurrage (storage). You will also need to tell them what it is and so they can work out ang custons duties and GST.
Quite simple really once you get set up, the whole idea of sending shipments by air is the fact you can do the clearance yourself if required V havibg a broker do it.
This proces can take as little as 4-7 days.

I have had 2 shipments under $1000AUS land in one day and was sent a first notice, faxed off the required information and both shipments were released with no further action so I dont think they look at it over a month.

Hope this helps.