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I think its pretty funny that I’m no fan either but have a comment to make here.

Surely a draw such as this would have been a nail-biting, exiciting event to attend with two teams so evenly matched pitted against each other that a winner could not be determined.

Should they be entitled to their money back or the subsequent match free, absolutely not. If you were a supporter of the losing team on any given day you would go home with a result you didn’t want. On this day they did get a result…a draw, whether they wanted it or not they got a result and received the entertainment they have paid for.

Its like asking for your money back if you didn’t like the ending to a movie. I’m mean at the end of the day the cost of the ticket is nothing compared to sitting through 4 hours of Jodie Foster in Contact, 4 hours you’ll never get back.

– Jason