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Hi Gabriel,

When people talk about alt they are not talking about src.

Probably an example of an img tag would be clearest:

title=”No SEO value, shown as a tool tip”
alt=”has SEO value, describe the image”

The title attribute is most often the text displayed when you hover over the image (browser dependent). Most search engines ignore this text as it has been badly abused.

The alt attribute is designed for accessibility and is shown if images cannot be shown. It is also read out aloud to people using screen readers. Search engines do consider the text in this but I would advise you use it correctly, and not for keyword stuffing.

If your image has no meaning, like it’s page decoration, then leave it blank. If it’s primary purpose is as a link or action, then describe what will happen. If it is an image of text, then repeat the text. Otherwise explain what the image is about. Keep it to a reasonable size.

The src attribute defines where the image is. Having keywords in this URL can be slightly beneficial to SEO. Search engines sometimes use the words in the file name to help them understand what the image is about.

For the backlink stuff, I’d also be interested to hear peoples opinions.

Are these 1000s of domains currently offline? Is the topic similarity just due to the keywords in the domains?