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Here is my humble opinion.

Permanent redirection is a waste of potential resources and income. To have a site permanently redirect to another “main” site it first has to be seen by the crawlers for it to be seen by the searcher – that means it needs to have some reasonable ranking which in turn means it needs to have some content and some SEO. Permanent redirection is usually used for a new site, or better site, replaceing an older or not as good site and that the second class site was getting traffic so hence why waste it? – redirect it. You cannot redirect traffic if it doesn’t exist.

Mis-spellings are of little concern in respect to the overall scheme of things however that is what the thread starter is concerned about – probably more important is owning similar names (for the sake of $25 registration fee for 2 years) as an insurance policy to prevent competitors from jumping on the back of your success.

You are better off parking the other domains – this can be done at no cost at all (just keep the names registered). Most parking companies will provise a reasonable quality landing page and Google Adsense and they share any revenue generated by the site (over a minimum amount) – additionally you can “develop” the site which then increases its revenue earning potential and a really good advantage is that you can put links on those parked sites to your main site which gives you some relevant quality links which google loves.

As far as a quality Australian Host is concerned – I have been through this mill – I own over 2000 domain names and currently have 7 sites hosted – I ahve reesearched both local and offshore hosts and the pros and cons and discussed the subject with a number of people in a number fo forums.

First reccommendation – it is risky to host offshore – problems do not occur too often but they do happen – if a hosts hard drive dies and they are overseas, good luck getting something satisfactorily sorted – even locall it is a problem but at least you can beat their door down, get the hard drive and take it to someone to get data retrieved (hopefully).

Secondly, my reccommendation for a local host is Melbourne IT – here is a link and up front yes I am an affiliate and will earn a few pennies if you were to sign up – I bothered to become an affilliate because I have faith in them. It won’t hurt you to have a look as you should be looking at others also. Just check the host company out thoroughly, some are Australian registered arms of offshore hosting companies and their servers are offshore – buyer beware. MIT were very aloof some time back however now have competitive products and competitive prices – your choice.

link Melbourne IT

Back to the other main point – my suggestion is to Park your other sites.