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ok with the Parking – I didn’t read your post in detail, just skimmed it – albeit I still believe in any situation a parking page is better value with options for potential than a simple redirect which is tantamount to a dead end. And I must improve my reading a written statement and applying a specific interpretation value to it – you do it well :) – how did you know which form of parking Errina meant, an acquired skill I presume (ooops, sorry about the pun) :)

What other approach can there be to a commercial website other than an “IM” approach? What is a “traditional business approach” – is there such a thing on the internet as a seller of products and/or services ?? (Maybe as an organization or a manufacturer possibly, but as a seller??). If they exist are they successful, and if so how much more successful could they be with an IM attitude / approach to internet marketing? (marketing = read as business, sales, marketing etc). Take the “I” out of IM and you are lkeft with M = Marketing. IM = Marketing on the Internet – or are you alluding to say an “entrepreunerial” mindset versus a traditional approach to business?

Getting way off topic but the comment intrigued me :)

Errina – please excuse me getting off track.