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@Roshan – I’d be interested to hear how you go with putting together your prezi presentation. I took another look at it today and stepped through some of the tutorials and saw that it is very mindmap-like. Distribution struck me as having some limitations, but I’ll look at that area again a little closer.

– yes, the Mac platform has always been great at anything graphical and multimedia. Unfortunately, it’s a long while since I had the use of a Mac; I’ve been stuck in PC environments now for some years.

At one stage I put together a number of presentations using a multimedia compiler called GLPro, but it was discontinued a few years ago. I’ve also used Debugmode’s Wink package (http://www.debugmode.com/wink/). The advantage with both of these was that you could compile to a very compact exe file with everything embedded, but there was a reasonable learning curve associated with GLPro, and while the interface for Wink was good for screen grab tutorials, it’s otherwise not so flexible or polished.

Anyone found other presentation applications to be more useful over PowerPoint?