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shags38, post: 51844 wrote:
Here is a good question – what is and/or what makes an SEO expert? That should stir up the pot :)

Hey Mike,

Good Question, and believe me Mike it’s quite easy to “Stir the SEO Pot”. I recently placed a thread on this forum in regards to a TOPSEO’s directory in order reach one objective. The objective was to see who acted professionally and who did not when confronted with some competition. Unfortunately there were some who did not see the objective of the thread.

Now, to answer your question I find that a true SEO professional will always have the customer’s best interest at heart. You can depict this by the way he answers questions. If it sounds like he is promoting himself I would not recommend them. On the other hand, if they sound genuinely interested in helping someone reach their objective without boasting I would definitely give them a chance to carry out some work for me.

JohnW knows from some of my previous threads that I am a big advocate of D-I-Y SEO. This is not to say though that I do not believe that professional SEO’s exist. From what I’ve seen so far, JohnW always answers in a professional manner by offering well researched posts that benefit both the D-I-Y forum members and the other SEO’s consultants as well.

As you can see from this thread it offers great information for the D-I-Y individuals without sounding too self-promoting.

shags38, post: 51844 wrote:
Do not misinterpret me, I am not anti G – I am just bemused at the all too common plaudits attributed to it – it is more popular amongst the SEO community than football and that is scary :)

Unfortunately Mike, as long as Google keeps dominating the SE’s it will continue to be the “Talk of the Town”.