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Hi Horsevet

Everybody will have their best and worst deal to tell you about, here’s mine:

I’m a bookkeeper so I get to see lots of different setups which leads me to believe that the business account we have with the commonwealth is one of the best out there. They also have one of the most user friendly internet banking sites around. We have a business transaction account and there is a $10 per month fee which they will waive if you have a balance of $2000 or more and have a merchant facility with them. We have a netbank saver account which is just an onliine account and is ideal as a tax account. We have never paid any transaction fees ever – I think we get something like 300 for free! Having a credit card that you use for most purchases and that has a good rewards system is a great idea provided you pay it off in full every month.

Best of luck with your venture.