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Hi Clinton and all,

I would have to agree completely with what everyone else has said so far, and especially that the “you don’t need marketing” people tend to think of marketing as just promotion (as travelmaster said), forgetting that all elements of customer interaction are related to marketing.

Even though few businesses are split this simplistically, to me marketing in a broad sense covers everything outside of the operations/production side of the business (and possibly the administration side). However in a sense it even covers production – not the how aspect of production or the physical production itself, which I see as separate, but the what, when and why – decisions on which products do we produce, for which markets, with which features, and how do we inform our target market that these products exist, and persuade them that they should purchase from our business.

I’ve actually a couple months ago written a blog post on the topic of What is Marketing Anyway. To quote myself (with apologies to many other greater minds before me) “Marketing is concerned with every step of the process from production of the product or service right through to when the consumer well, consumes it.”

Using the broad sense of the word marketing if a business didn’t have any marketing, they wouldn’t even have a phone number to call, or any way to communicate to customers – they would just make stuff and not tell anyone, and somehow hope to be successful.

What I think what you may be getting at Clinton is that you would rather just create a unique product and have people come to you through word of mouth because of it’s quality or uniqueness. This is a great ideal, it’s not practical for everyone. And as I see it, even “the what happens when they do come to you” is part of your marketing strategy – answering the phone “What do you want” just won’t cut it!