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Clinton, post: 52013 wrote:
It’s unfortunate that marketing folk feel the need to defend their function in this thread. I was simply hoping to attract business people who are making a living online without marketing (maybe even without a product or service). I got the idea that this forum had a wide range of business folk and expected/hoped that some of my kind would be here too. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe the next step for this thread will be the marketers finding some tenuous link in the above business examples to “demonstrate” there’s marketing involved. Or perhaps they’ll try to explain why those LTD companies with auditors, annual accounts and tax bills aren’t really businesses. Oh well. :(

Why’s it unfortunate, they’re just trying to clarify the situation for other people who don’t understand it. There’s really no reason to be depressed. All professions defend their turf from people who don’t understand it. It’s normal.

If you were after people who were making a living on line, why not choose a more appropriate thread title such as “Looking for people making a living on line”? I think you will find that to be more effective. Ditching all the other superfluous stuff would probably have helped too.

Ironically…say, if you marketed your thread correctly…the right kind of thread reader/poster would have come your way :)