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for other people who don’t understand it…from people who don’t understand it
Hmm. John, I’m sorry for my ignorance. My first job as an adult was as a medical sales rep. I progressed to senior marketing positions and then, with a 98 percentile GMAT, returned to school for an MBA at a US university graded, at that time, in the top 20 for marketing (and finance). But, should I want to brush up my “understanding” of marketing, I’ll drop you a PM or buy an ebook written by some spotty faced teenager who’s a guru because he made $500 on the internet.

I started the OP recognising how important marketing is for most organisations. But I’ve also discovered though decades in business that it’s entirely possible to run successful businesses without marketing (as defined by the dictionary). I’m 45. I’m retired. I’ll let my bank manager decide if I’m doing OK ;)

Ironically…say, if you marketed your thread correctly…the right kind of thread reader/poster would have come your way :)
So you accept that such a reader – who runs a business with no marketing – does exist! If he hasn’t posted in here it’s because the thread has been inundated by marketers desperate to defend their ilk.

Clinton, you set me a challenge, and I met it.
Matt, it wasn’t a challenge. I’m not challenging anyone here, you marketers are. ;) If I may quote you

I challenge you to give an example of a successful business that has one or more customers that does not participate in any marketing functions.
Forgot? I appreciate your detailed post but it doesn’t merit a point by point reply. Your post exists to argue that some domainers do market their domains. I don’t dispute that so there’s nothing to reply to. But if there exists one domainer who just sits on his domains till someone approaches him then he has customers and is running a marketing-free business (which satisfies the specific challenge in your above quote).

I don’t need to challenge anyone because I don’t care what they believe. The reason why marketers have flooded this thread is because it matters to them that others continue to believe the myth. In fact, they probably subscribe devotedly to the belief themselves and, to them, it’s not a myth at all.

Good thread, And yes it depends on your definition of marketing as to how you see it!
I don’t know about good thread, Aidan, it got derailed by a mob :) but I agree that it depends on your definition of marketing. That’s why I took the trouble to explain in the OP what definition I was using. The trouble is that some marketers refuse to accept what the dictionary says – which is fine – but they continue to apply their own definition to my comments … which ends up riling them.

I’ve always admired those businesses without customers and there are many of them.

I had a discussion with a fairly large company once that had no customers at all
It would be great if you dropped me a PM with the name of the company and/or their URL.

That business is still going today quietly making profits without customers to service :)
There are many like those but I fear we aren’t going to hear about them in this thread now.