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Hi Susie,

Welcome to Flying Solo, and thanks for being brave enough to put your site up for review in your very first post.

Like Anna I’m a writer, so my comments will be biased in that direction. Apologies in advance if any of the below is not what you were hoping to hear!

I agree with her that the way the phone number is presented looks very odd.

Personally I find the box with the orange “sparkly” dots in it very annoying. The text appears way too slowly, and when it does the grammar is bad (in some instances). In a feature box like that, I’d expect to be able to click on each point for more information. For example if you say “Save up to 90% in employing a full-time receptionist”, I’d expect to be able to click on that text and go through to a page where you prove it to me.

On the plus side, I do like the orange and navy colour scheme.

I’ll leave it there and wait for others more qualified to comment on the navigation and other aspects to chime in.

All the best,