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From a design point of view, you are spot on.

I lacks flair, imagination – it looks dated.

The large flash element is very slow loading, it’s really not needed. I doubt many people are impressed with the fancy text animations. It actually makes it hard to read and concentrate on the words.

Apart from the obvious design flaws, there is no ‘flow’ to the website, no obvious call to action, no sale funnels and poor layout – this is a structure problem and can’t really be resolved without a total redesign.

Also, I was confused about the video. The name on the video is localoffice.com.au which was not the site I was on.

So on one website, I go from

http://www.syn.net.au to
http://www.servicedoffice.com.au/ to
http://localoffice.com.au/ to
http://www.rockdaleservicedoffices.com.au/ (or which ever office I clicked on) all with out wanting to leave the website.

It was a little confusing.