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The Copy Chick
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Being relatively new to all of this, I’m certainly hoping to pick up some tips.

Interestingly, when I launched the original version of my business in 2005, I still had people finding me with no active marketing of any sort on my behalf. Now there are more social networking tools and I’m not just doing this as a “hobby”, I hope to really kick it up a notch.

So far the people who’ve been in touch have been recommendations from creatives I have hooked up with, the FS forum (big thank you all ’round), and at least one random query… my web designers hadn’t included a “where did you find me” field on my response form, so I have now added that to better gauge where traffic has come from.

I’ve a got a meeting tomorrow morning with the local business group, so it will be interesting to see if anything comes of that – although I’m STILL waiting on my business cards (6 weeks now, although it’s been more of a technology issue than a printer issue), so I’m a bit frustrated I won’t have any to hand out. Still, they meet fortnightly, so hopefully next time I’ll have something to give them.