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Google adwords is an easy and relatively cheap starting block to get some interest, but spend some time on what keywords people are going to use to find you. Ask your friends what they’d type into Google to find your site and then you’ll have real world experience of what the average consumer is going to type. Also hit conventional marketing. Get your analytics down and then see if a leaflet drop brings increased traffic or a small radio advert? Do small pieces of marketing and track your visitors. Start off small and build up and soon you’ll know exactly what get’s people pushing through Google to land at your site.

We just done a small leaflet drop of 500 residential houses and we had 38 hits directly into the site – all from the region we delivered in. With clever tracking we noticed 18 hit our contact page and this is what I’m going to assume is the reason we just landed 14 new customers within the last four days.

Get your print marketing and online marketing right and people will come to you, but you need to work out your strategy well before pumping money into marketing, even a small print campaign can run up costs relatively quickly.

All the best though with increasing online traffic – just remember it’s only a small part of marketing.