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JohnW, post: 52430 wrote:
Hi Bridiej,
I think SEO is more complex than you may realise…

From what I can see you are about to undergo SE death. The second company listed under “audio typing” is audiotyping.com, not btstranscripts.com. It looks to me like audiotyping.com is about to disappear from Google. When that happens all your SE referrals are likely to disappear.

EDIT: I’m not going to delete the below post since it’s here now, but it may not all be correct. I didn’t realise that audiotyping.com was your site as well, I presumed this is a competitor. Either way though, having the same content on two different domains how you have them set up is BAD. – Matt

Bridie I actually don’t think you are ranked #2 for audio typing, and you probably haven’t been ranked there at any stage. However on your computer it is probably coming up there and you are thinking John and I are crazy.

What is happening is that Google now personalises pretty much ALL results to the user. So if you click through to your website yourself a lot, Google will then think that that site is highly relevant to you, and push it up the results. Please note though it doesn’t push it up the results for everyone, just on your computer.

To show what everyone else who has never searched for that term before is seeing, you need to firstly clear your cache and cookies in your web browser.

Then, do a search in Google. At the top right corner you will see a link called Web History. Click this, and select “Disable customizations based on search activity”. (Not despite how it may look, if you don’t clear your cookies you will get some personalization, so both steps are needed).

bridiej, post: 52418 wrote:
From what I can see all SEO seems to be about is getting your keywords on your webpage as many times as possible…!

I’m the second company listed under “audio typing” – why? Because that’s the domain name!

Other than having your keywords on your page hundreds of times or being lucky enough to have a decent domain name what else can you do?

As John said there is a LOT more to SEO than you may realise, and “getting your keywords on your webpage as many times as possible” only only about 1% of what’s involved; in fact, having the keywords on there too many times is bad as well.

Rather than reading some “SEO for dummies” book, I would really suggest going over and having another look as a starting point at the Google SEO basics document John linked to in another thread. Although you agreed that all of it seemed too basic, looking over your site now there are quite a few things I’m sure are mentioned in that document that you aren’t doing correctly.

A couple other things with your site I noticed that aren’t good:
1) The lack of a logo and just small text instead, use of clipart and a really generic looking stock photo, combined with your selected template, makes the whole site look a bit “fake”. I personally would not trust it if I went there and didn’t know you from here. You had another site before this one i’m sure, not sure why you have changed as this seems a bit of a backward step.

2) The template you have chosen for your site isn’t a good choice for another reason. Basically it’s given away free “in exchange” for the fact there is a spammy link down the bottom in the footer, that I suspect can’t be removed (or the template will break). The link I am talking about is the one labelled 1monthloan.co.uk. Ironically though it looks like whoever made the template has messed up, and the link goes to somewhere else than they intended by the look of it.

I personally can’t stand free templates that have these type of “sponsor” links down the bottom. And nothing says “I’m not serious about business” more than “free template provided by” text, especially when there are some decent free ones without this, and excellent paid ones in the $10-$50 category out there.