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bridiej, post: 52446 wrote:
I am planning to use the btstranscripts site as some sort of landing page, I just haven’t figured out the best way to go about it which is why it has the same content….

I have read the Google thing and thought I was doing most of it – a lot of the jargon they use goes over my head, hence ordering the “For dummies” books as they’ve been recommended to me from someone else who finds it all a bit technical.
Hi Bridiej,

It looks like you have a duplicate content problem with audiotyping.com.au and btstranscripts.com.

What is ranking #4 for “audio typing” is an old version of the Home page of audiotyping.com.au.

Here is Goolge’s current attempt to sort out its confusion.

1. audiotyping.com.au
Home page is indexed. This was lasted indexed by Google on 25 Sep
All other pages from this domain have been deleted from Google’s index.

2. btstranscripts.com
Home page has not been indexed or has been deleted from the index.
One internal page has been indexed.

Unfortunately the Google Starters Guide did not address duplicate content problems.