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erinna, post: 52270 wrote:
What I was referring to with your galleries was that there seems to be too many images. Too many options. If it was my website, I would be inclined to have only one Live Music gallery, and be really selective about which images you choose – do you really need 10 shots of someone screaming into the microphone?
If you pick your superb shots, then they will stand out more, than if they are lost within hundreds of images.
EG. Within your Roux album – I could easily cull that to two images max. Not because the rest are bad, but because there are other images amongst other albums which look the same – try to cull down to different angles, different expressions, really powerful moments. It will be harder for you, but it will make your site have more of an impact.

Makes sense, but then I don’t see the point at all in having it set up the way it is. Why make someone click through a heap of links to see two photos? I am actually very conscious of having photos that look the same, and I don’t think I post 10 photos of the same thing… but I guess I see things differently because of how much work I put into every single photo. I see where you’re coming from though, 100%.
I’m thinking I need to think of an entire new way of doing things. Which means I’ve completely wasted hundreds of dollars and a lot of time and work. I didn’t think of a lot of the stuff you’ve pointed out, there’s more wrong with it than I realised… so I’ll say now – sorry if my tone sounds rude or anything; I’m just really angry at myself right now.

erinna, post: 52270 wrote:
I’m not aware of Tumblr – I dont use it, and it didnt seem obvious to me.

There’s a button for it, right next to the buttons for Facebook and Flickr.
Are they not clear enough? They should be there, on every page, no matter where you end up on the website.
I guess there should be a clear link to BLOG though.

I think that’s all I wanted to say… Thanks again for the advice, much appreciated.