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Hello Mat,

Is it the hours or do you dislike what you do? Being self employed takes even more effort and commitment than showing up between normal office hours. There will be many on this site that will tell you that going on your own is not always the champagne and roses employees believe it may be.

Being young is an advantage in this case because if you don’t like what you do, you can change if you want to, which would be much better than a lifetime of doing a job because you studied for it (I have personally changed many times in my career). Having the tools, knowledge and space are an advantage but if your heart is not in accounting / bookkeeping then look at alternatives.

If however your heart is in it or you are going to pursue regardless then I advise either getting some help from someone that has been through the process and can advise from real experience rather than hearsay or do a small business management course of some sort.

As for clients – it’s not your age they will be engaging but your expertise and as long as you deliver value you should be fine.