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Paul Cunningham
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Mat, don’t treat your current job as something terminal but rather part of a journey. I think most people will agree a background in accounting is solid foundation for any business. In the future you might look back on your time in this profession and regard it as the making of you as a business person. Have patience and look for the oportunities as they present.

I would heed the advice previoulsy stated “that being self-employed takes more motivation than holding down a job is extremely valid.”

If you really need to, you could start a bookkeeping service at any time with your skills (30 bucks an hour is way too cheap by the way) but you might regret not hanging about for your Chartered or CPA credentials. Having those things doesn’t mean you need to be an accountant forever though. There’s plenty of fantastic career and business opportunities that beg for that sort of human capital.

Get back to your blogging and use it as a substitute for whatever is missing in your current job. Find older people with business and life experience and ask plenty of questions.