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yourvirtualboard, post: 52388 wrote:
You don’t mention values and I’m assuming smaller numbers and as long as you declare additional income via your personal tax return you should be fine. Once you cross threshold of ATO definition then you would have to consider it a business.

I don’t recall the ATO having a “threshold”.

My understanding (of doing the research a few years ago) was it depended on the way that the business was run. If you run your hobby business, libe a “business” then it is classed as a business. E.g. business name, advertising, keeping financial records etc.

If the website you run is itself aimed at the hobbiest “my” understanding it would be classed as a hobby. If the website you run was more commercial in nature I would think more questions would need to be asked.

You can contact the ATO and ask them for their advice.

I’d start the advertising and see how it goes before I worry to much about tax matters. As you say much of the income will be taken up by hosting and support costs, so my guess is that any profit will be minimal (without knowing any details).