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Hey there,
First off, good onya for taking the leap and getting out there with your idea, I really hope it succeeds.

To address your main concern, I think the colours are great and you picked a perfect blend. The rest of the site leaves me feeling very 1999.

Which is a very pretentious way of saying the following:

  1. You need more design elements in just about every capacity. Your navigation needs to look like navigation, with background colours or borders or gradient backgrounds or SOMEthing that tells me it’s more than words down the left. It needs to be clear that this is how I’m going to get around on this site.
  2. Site needs to be wider. It’s very narrow and you’ve got far more real estate to play with these days than you did even 5 years ago.
  3. Focus on the goal. What’s your main objective? Answer this question in the first line of text on your homepage, and then tell me what you what me to do about it. If you want me to have a look at some of your letters and such and then contact you about them, then invite me to do so.
  4. Perhaps I’m unclear on the nature of letters, and it may be a bit presumptuous of me to suggest, but maybe you can focus on just kids letters on this website and then have another one for business letters. Personally, and I really do NOT want to offend on this one, but I can’t imagine a website that’s a one-stop shop “anything and everything to do with letters, documents and gifts.” unless it’s Amazon.com or eBay. I guess the short version is, pick some of your strengths (of which you have many) and run with that.
  5. Your “Christmas” page (my advice is to drop the “*”s too) has bolded and underlined text followed by a hyperlink. This should either all be linked or none of it should be underlined. Also, it wouldn’t take much to turn that Word Doc into an online form instead of a link to a download (which is clunky and could be streamlined).

All up, what I reckon you’ve got is a killer idea in the whole “your kids personalised letter to Santa or the Easter Bunny” and you don’t have to do much to really spruce up the website.

If you focus on your goals and then mould the website into a way to hit those goals, you’re going to rock socks.

Good luck!