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Stuart B
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Hey mate, I just wrote a really thorough post but then when I hit SUBMIT I had to log in again and something went wrong but long story short I lost the post and now I want to jump off the balcony… So I’m going to summarise the info in very brief bullet points :(

– Change that top banner to something that is far more attractive than it is currently.

– Make all of the photos the same, photoshop out ALL of the backgrounds and replace it with a colour / background that is exactly the same for every single photo.

– When you display a photo thumbnail, do it exactly the same every time. Same grid, and placement, same rows / columns, same dimensions.

– Massively simplify the way you display text on the site. Settle on a heading, sub-heading, body, a link style, and maybe some terms & conditions text styles and use nothing else. One of the biggest problems with the site at the moment is that there is so much different stuff happening with text that it’s totally distracting, and I have no idea where I’m supposed to look in order to get the information that I want. Solve this problem and your site will look dramatically better.

– Along with the text, settle on a single method of displaying the pages for products you’re selling. I clicked on 5 different products and the layout and presentation of the information completely different on each page. It was impossible to compare products and think about buying one item compared to the next because it took so long to figure out the information on each page.

These are easy fixes to make and if you can get them all done you’ll take the site to a whole new level! Hope this all makes sense, PM me if you need clarification on any of it.