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Thanks Jayne. As I mentioned we are very unique…..there’s a handful (if that) of similar businesses Australia wide, so in fear of jeopardising any possible future lease negotiations, I’d rather not minutely detail what we do. Sounds crazy I guess, but you never know with these Centre Management people huh?

Our business is one that literally covers all ages but apart from locals I wouldn’t call us a destination store (though truth be told that remains untested). We do have core product that veryt very few others have and also create one off collectable items that are also very unique for fans of music and movies.

It really is a dilemma as I can see the good and bad on both sides and am trying desperately not to be simply guided by the substantial saving that could be made on rent as obviously there is a hand in hand loss of foot traffic at the same time.

That may claw back a little once additonal funds are spent on advertising, though the biug question mark remains.

Obviously the aim is to continue to grow our website and provide what our competitors can’t, if not on total range, on turn around despatch times that I know for a fact no one else can match, despite their claims.

I’ll just head back to the commercial letting in the area and keep mulling it all over…… :)