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It looks as though you have been given some very good advice and have taken notice of it.
Reading your posts remind me of someone who is on the carpet cleaning forum.
JenaDyco is one of the best training bodies in Australia, and knowing Jenny personally you are guaranteed the best of training.
Your doing Certificate 11 & 111 Asset Maintenance Carpet Cleaning, by the sounds of it, and Jenny may even tailor a few IICRC components into Cert 111, which will give you just about as much information you will need to become a successful technician.
The next stage of your development should be with one of the trade associations ICAN ( Individual Cleaners Association of Australia & New Zealand) or NUCCRA ( National Upholstery Carpet Cleaning & Restoration Association).
The carpet cleaner you went out with would probably have been a member of ICAN as this Association concentrates more on Networking, Mentoring and Training.
So Congratulations on achieving so much in such a short time. You have definately done your homework, by all accounts, now to understand the complexities of carpet cleaning and the industry you are now in.
You will have fun and will enjoy the journey.
Good onya Chris