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SheInspires, post: 56208 wrote:
A friend of mine reps her own jewellery around the country and she calls ahead for appointments and shows samples that orders are made from as well as having some extra stock that can be purchased immediately.

She also has a stand at the JAA expo each year and makes sure all her customers know about it and are invited along.

I know she also has previously gone into shops to check them out and introduce herself to make an appointment. If they’re happy to look at stock immediately she has it on hand.

The comments about respecting the time and availability of the retailer are completely spot on – never prevent a retailer from serving a customer and making a sale.

The standard industry mark up varies from 2.1 to over 3.6 – Pandora has a huge mark up of course – manufactured in Asia and sold at over $60 so that’s well over the 3.6. So it varies from product to product and business to business.

I know DJ’s has a standard of 2.4 markup from wholesale to retail and this is based on the wholesale + GST amount.

Most retailers would probably want at least a 2.4 factor and know that stock needs to be ordered and manufactured. Just have realistic dates on hand so you can deliver on time.

I hope this helpful!

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Do you mind me asking who your friend is & what her business name is?
Maybe I could speak with her directly to learn more. That’s if she wouldn’t mind….
No one in this industry is willing to help me at this point & I am feeling defeated.