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i love that my son uses it as an expensive game pad. He is 3 years old and there are some great educational and fun children’s games for it. Puzzles and ebooks, kiddy TV shows downloadable through iTunes.

I too have not found a killer app for it.

Youtube streaming is shocking (google it), wifi reception is shocking (google again), processor is too slow (lightboxes like those found on realestate sites slow it to a crawl.
No file structure, cant print from it, cant access network shares, cant use a stylus to handwrite notes.

You wont be able to use it on Flyingsolo forums, if you hit reply/quote there is no way to access the sidebar scroller of this embedded text box (where im typing now) so i cant move the cursor down below the quoted text.

2 months after purchase i bought a 11.6 inch laptop that performs much better.