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HBTRADE, post: 80420 wrote:
I’m using a portable one from liveeftpos.com.au – Sam is the rep I have.
2.5% fee per transaction
no monthly fee
no setup fee
no connection fee
don’t us it, don’t pay.

Payments are done to your account twice a week.
Fully charged, the battery is OK for the day & you can request a car charger as well

Hi all,

Just adding my .02cents. I’ve got a mobile eftpos unit from Live EFTPOS http://www.liveeftpos.com.au and have never looked back. It’s greatly improved my cash flow, I only pay for it when i use it, im not tied down and there was virtually no hassles in getting it. I got my terminal in less than 48 hrs.

Basic run down…

No joining fee
No monthly rental fee
No connection fee
No deposit

All they charge is a simple transaction fee. When factoring that there is no other costs at all, this works out to be the cheapest option.

They give free unlimtied paper rolls. Their service is awesome. ALways happy to help

ALL major credit cards/debit cards accepted. (amex, diners, visa, master card, debit etc). Reposting is all done online. Website states offices in all major cities.

website again is http://www.liveeftpos.com.au

hope that helps a little happy to give my feedback further if you need


carl d