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smallbusinesswebdesign, post: 87406 wrote:
SEO – $89 (5 Keywords)
You left out a SMALL detail.

According to your website you charge BY THE NUMBER OF KEYWORDS BY THE MONTH.

I’m working on SEO of a tradesman’s site at the moment and the first round of SEO is targeting 480 keywords.

At your rates, that would cost him $103,392 PER YEAR!

I’ve looked at your website but you don’t seem to offer much information about your SEO expertise.

Your SEO advice seems to be based on targeting keywords that are the same as the client’s domain name.

Eg: Your first example, thehairstudiopointcook.com.au is targeting the keywords:

hair studio point cook
hairdresser point cook
hairdressers in point cook
hairdressers point cook
hair salon in point cook

Point Cook had a population of 14,162 in the 2006 census. How much online competition is there for any business in that town?

If you search Google for: Point Cook, your client’s site does not rank in the top 100 results. Can you explain this, please?

To help us assess your SEO expertise, can you explain to us why we can’t find find your site in the top 40 Google results when we search for: small business web design.

That keyword is in your domain name and your Home page’s title, so you seem to be adopting your own SEO tactics.

I’m sure the SEO experts in this forum will be delighted to comment on your system.