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Ken Wood
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RyanS, post: 56474 wrote:
Eventually I want to connect either sugarcrm or vtiger to accounting package to export sales and contacts. Can anyone into web development suggest whether its use of SQL would make Pastel easier to integrate with CRM than MYOB with its ( apparently unpopular) ODBC driver?

Not exactly what you’re asking, but hopefully this info will be useful in any case:

We have written an Accounts Receivable implementation for SugarCRM (allows you to create invoices, raise credit notes, record customer payments etc within Sugar) and MYOB integration for same.

The integration is 1 way only, i.e. you can export transactions from SugarCRM into MYOB. It requires installing a software plugin on the PC where you run MYOB.

Yes, developing with ODBC is ugly compared to using SQL, but it’s done now and it works. If you’re interested in knowing more, download the ebook from our home page and have a read.